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Samuel Telanoff

Let's Make a Difference

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Putting My Experience
to Work

I don't know who Cristina Flores is, nor am I considering running for president. I have taken over her website for my own. Poor Cristina, forced to walk alone at night, reminiscing of the days when she used to have a website to advertise her campaign. Now she has no way of telling people why you should vote for her...and I won't be any help at all :)

Anyways, this is my fourth-year PLTW engineering website. I am interested in potentially pursuing a career in mechanical or electrical engineering, so I am very excited to learn and apply the knowledge with this class. I will be updating this page with blog posts in the 'news' page, where I will discuss and explain the many things I do in class. You can find out more about me and my goals for the class in the 'about' page and my contact info is available in the 'contact' page. Enjoy!


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